Advice From a Small Kitchen

614873_super-chef-kitchen_xlarge*Not our actual kitchen

Our kitchen is small. Max capacity is like two people and sometimes I will still get hit with an elbow. With all our appliances i.e. microwave, coffee machine, toaster oven etc our counter top space is limited so being organized and having a plan is key. Here are a few tips for staying sane while baking and cooking in a spacially challenged kitchen.

1. Read your recipe first and know exactly what you will need and when you will need it. If you are making bread or something that needs to rise or rest for awhile there is no need to have your baking pan out yet. I know it might seem minuscule but every inch counts..that’s what she said 😉

2. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Except it’s not that serious because it’s baking. But be prepared. Don’t have anything you don’t need out. You can even premeasure your ingredients, keep them in the fridge or pantry and grab them as you need them. Once you are done with that ingredient throw the bowl in the sink and move along #starwarsreference

Unknown3. Have a designated space for garbage. Egg shells here, chocolate chip bag there and without even realizing it unecessary crap is taking up half your space. The best tip I can offer is to hang a plastic bag from a low cabinet and toss it all in there. Saves space and less clean up in end.

4. This is something I learned from my mom. She is super OCD and firmly believes in the old quote “A place for everything and everything in its place”. Once you are done using something put it in the sink or the cabinet or the trash. Get rid of what you don’t need (also a good life lesson). While the dough is rising, do the dishes, get the unfun part over with.

5. Find your groove. Now, this is something that probably won’t come right away but the more you are in the kitchen the more you will learn what works for you. Sometimes I am mixing on my stove top and that’s fine with me. It works.

Baking and cooking is theraputic for me. It’s the space I go when I am upset or bored or angry or happy or inspired and the last thing I want to do is make that space chaotic. I have found what works for me in my small kitchen and I definitely get shit done.

Take these tips for what they are and apply them as needed in your kitchen. If you have a great big kitchen with tons of counter space, good for you. Totally kidding! #lifegoals


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